Infrastructure‌ Projects

Infrastructure cabling system provides a platform upon which an overall information system strategy is built. We at Comtrack evaluate, survey ,design and build flexible cabling infrastructures system that support multiple voice, data, video and multimedia systems regardless of their manufacturer. We are a "one stop shop" for all your organization infrastructure needs.

Low voltage telecommunications and data solutions involve the design and installation of cabling and equipment for voice/data networks, wireless networks, point‐of‐sale(POS) systems, security/surveillance and building access(card reader)systems, building management systems(BMS), hotel management systems, and converged IP solutions.

Structured cabling is the lifeline for the entire Information Technology network and the core competency of Comtrack Infrastructure Services. It is the foundation on which all other business activities depend. A properly designed, installed, and administered cabling system reduces costs through each phase of its lifecycle: installation; moves, additions, and changes; maintenance and administration.

Cabling is the longest life cycle component of the entire network, outlived only by the building shell. A standards compliant cabling system can"future‐proof" your network and guarantee future application support, ensuring that your investment will continue to serve you for the full extent of its life cycle.

The benefit of working with Comtrack Solution is that we offer:

  • Integral 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
  • ™15 to 25 years manufacturer’s warranty on all data cabling systems and components.
  • ™Assess technology requirements (existing and new)
  • ™Determine design parameters
  • ™Create new layout and Design
  • ™Complete site survey
  • ™Disconnect, install, and test end‐to‐end cabling applications
  • ™Complete“Day‐Two Service Offering” contract(maintenance)