Service & Support


The Comtrack service and support is maintained by:


Our Support agreement is designed in such a way that any aspect of your companies IT is maintained and any given emergency resolved in an all-inclusive package. An assigned consultant will make scheduled visit to ensure backups are running and preventive maintenance is done. Users will be ensured full functionality of their desktop, servers and printers. Any general troubleshooting is just a call away and in the case of an emergency we will be on‐site within the said time and resolve the issue.

Viaanin‐house service visit

Comtrack Solution has an in house service and repair facility to help you with any troubled equipment. From one of our experienced service technicians: We do repairs of various hardware &software’s, printers and etc.; reconfiguration /modifications/machinere location/revisions‐/condition evaluation/recommendations for spare part replacement etc.

Technical Call Center Support

Talk to our Representative Calls Centers and Tech Support Services

For technology consumers, the quality of support they receive is just as important as the quality of the product itself. Because of an increasing dependence on technology, swift guidance to address issues is critical in maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty. Into day's competitive marketplace, the frustration produced by busy signals, long hold times, and incompetent staff can quickly result in lost customers.

Targeted for industries with dynamic product life cycles, such as high technology, our call centers provide a broad range of technical support and help desk service focused on achieving measurable, total customer satisfaction for your business. We employ dedicated, technically Trained teams on an integrated, multi‐channel platform to provide comprehensive technical product support. We tailor the technical support process, including required activities, escalation procedures, and system level reporting to meet the specific needs of your business. Additionally, we provide insight into your future product development initiatives by analyzing product‐related call patterns gathered from technical support functions.

A sample of our tech support call center experiences includes:

  • Remote Support
  • Software problems
  • Internet service problems
  • Computer hardware problems
  • Corporate helpdesk support
  • Warranty or post‐warranty support
Technical Support

Technical Support‐Focus on Quality:

Our Representative Technical Support Call Centers Quality Assurance for your help desk, promotes internal and external feedback cycles with our call centers and our client to monitor the performance of the Representatives effectively and efficiently. We have a proprietary software solution that help sour representatives continuously improve their customer care and customer acquisition skills. Many of our clients use our Quality Assurance program to monitor activity and make real‐time changes to their applications.

Additional customer support services include:

  • Email Management
  • Lead Generation
  • Help Desk Services
  • Inbound Call Centers
  • Inbound Customer Services
  • IV Rand Voice Mail/Conference Capabilities
  • Telemarketing Lists and Lists for Direct Mail
  • Technical Support
  • Telephone Surveys
  • Voice Broadcasting with IQDIAL
  • Web Chat Services
Technical Support

As a representative call centers, we are familiar with building and integrating single as well as multi‐tiered technical support solutions. We offer a full range of support, from tier one handling of common issues to multiple‐tier support applications, employing technical experts to address the most complex problems. In either environment, the result is a satisfied customer, reduced service costs, and an increase in the life time value of our customers.


We are resellers of major brand owner like HP, DELL, IBM who provide DESKTOP, LAPTOP, PRINTERS and SERVERS. We deal with Corporate, Semi‐Government and Government agency for their IT Requirements.

Comtrack team also looks after all your printing supplier & media needs under one roof. We have ample source of printer consumables (Stationeries, Cartridges, Ribbons & Toners).